Printing of two thousand notes decreased

Printing of two thousand notes decreased
The two thousand notes that came in the time of note closure were a problem for the people. He made a note of two thousand notes that people would hesitate to pay that much money. Finally, the Reserve Bank has also reduced the printing order of this note. As a result, the number of notes in the balance has decreased. The number of notes in use this year has come down from 91 crores to 8.5 crores.

While people were facing note-taking, the number of notes of two thousand had been increased. But now the RBI has turned its back on other notes. After all the closing notes were changed on March 7, half of the total money in the market was worth about 3,000 notes. After a year, their price dropped by 5%. Now it is about 5 percent. That means there are two thousand notes worth 5% of the money in the market. Other rupees of rupees 1, 2 and 3 are circulating in large quantities. The highest ratio is the notes of 5 rupees! There are 5 crore notes worth Rs 10 crore.

The RBI has spent Rs 5 crore on printing of notes in 2-3 years. Earlier in the year, the cost was Rs. This is the second-highest printing cost under IBI staff salaries.

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