३० Rent a telephone exchange

३० Rent a telephone exchange

BSNL will be leasing one of the three telephone exchanges in the district which has less than fifty landline connections. Revenue share Basis This project is being implemented in the city for the first time on a practical basis. The telephone exchange is scheduled to be leased from September 1.

BSNL is going to implement the experiment to lease telephone exchange. For this, six exchanges have been set up in different parts of the district. Individuals, organizations, companies wishing to rent an exchange will have to apply by August 5th. BSNL will not be required to pay any portion of the shares to BSNL for six months from the date of receipt of the lease of the telephone exchange; However, the personnel and institutions have to make arrangements for the expenses and personnel. After six months, BSNL will have to pay a certain share of the profits.

Unemployed youth will have the opportunity

BSNL Telephone Exchange will also provide BSNL franchises for the management, maintenance, and development of landline and broadband services on a partnership basis, and to provide faster Internet services through FTTH (up to 2 Mbps), lease lines. Therefore, the tenth, ITI, graduated unemployed youths will get the opportunity to do business with BSNL. While giving this franchise, priority will be given to the locals in that area. More information on this has been made available in the marketing department and the planning section of the BSNL office.

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