Pay sick if you get sick!

Pay sick if you get sick!

Train police, who are responsible for planning crowds at railway stations along with criminal investigations, will be directly deducted from their wages if they take leave due to illness.

MUMBAI: Railway police, who take responsibility for crowds planning for railway stations along with criminal investigations, will be getting a direct reduction in their salaries if they take a vacation due to illness. Railway Commissioner Ravindra Sengavkar has written a written order to withhold the salaries of Railway Police personnel and officers on vacation due to the illness so that the police are working with inadequate facilities at the Railway Police Station.
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The order issued by the Commissioner stated that the employees should be allowed to attend the Commissionerate before being discharged from duty due to illness and on duty while on leave. However, there is huge resentment among the police. The biggest scare of this order was taken by employees on vacation due to illness. The anxiety of the police has increased due to the hanging of the paymaster while he was already ill. Due to this order, there was a disturbance among the railway police personnel, senior officials said on condition of anonymity.

Railway police have the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the local limits of Mumbai. Following the Elphinstone accident, the need for crowd control was created at the train station. Due to the crowds planning at the stations, the train police along with the railway security force, Maharashtra security forces have been deployed. However, considering the number of passengers per day, the security system is said to be inadequate. There are several vacancies in the Railway Police Force, from Sipai to Assistant Police Deputy Inspector. Due to this, the pressure on the railway police is increasing. In case of an accident or other accident at the station, the injured are not available for transport to the hospital. As a result, the police have to do all the work to prevent the injured from being taken to the hospital. Due to these activities, the police often go to the hospital for a full day. Railway police said that the burden of that day’s work comes the next day.

There are orders to withhold salaries of railway police personnel and officers who misuse medical leave. Taking leave on the basis of a false certificate puts stress on the officers and employees on duty. An administrative decision has been taken to prevent this.

-Ravindra Sengaonkar, Commissioner, Mumbai Railway Police

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