Railway block ‘delay’

Railway block ‘delay’

Central Railway has announced a mega block between Mulund and Matunga stations and Wadala to Mankhurd stations on Harbor line. The Western Railway has been declared a jumbo block between Satara-Sunday mid-night between Matunga Road and Mumbai Central stations. Due to the block of the night, there will be some relief for passengers due to no block at the Western Railway in the day.


Central Railway

Station: Mulund to Matunga

Route: fast up

Time: c. 11.35 to 3.45

Result: All fast locals will be diverted on slow track between PLA and Parel stations during the block period. Dadar-Ratnagiri Passenger will run from Diva station on Sunday. All the locals will run for a delay of about 20 to 25 minutes due to the block.


Harbor Rail

Depot: Wadala Road to Mankhurd

Route: up and down

Time: 10.40 to L.44

Result: Local ferries on Harbor line will be canceled during the block period. Special local will be run on Panvel-Mankhurd-Panvel route for passengers. On Harbor Sunday, from 10 am to 4:30 pm, the Harbor line passengers have the right to travel in the middle and trans-Harbor way.


Western Railway

Station: Matunga Road to Mumbai Central

Route: up and down fast

Time: Saturday night at 11.55 am to 3.55 on Sunday

Result: The fast line loafers will be diverted on slow track between Santacruz and Churchgate stations during the block period. Block on Sunday has been canceled on Sunday.


Special night block

Station: Titwala to Kalyan

Route: up and down

Time: 3 am to 12 am (Saturday-Sunday Night)

Result: Work will be done under block under Saturday-Sunday night from 3 am to 3 am. The passengers who return home late in the night will have to bear a letter mark because of these things, due to the delay in the departure of some local people who are late in the night.

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