What is GST?

#What is GST?

Rasika Patil, Dahanukar College ‘GST is Good Night, Sweet Dream, Tech Care’ is wrong with that? If you ask a question like this, you too will answer …

Is GST a Good Night, Sweet Dream, Tech Care? If you ask such a question then you can easily answer him, do you? So this question is currently a lot of talk about the students of Mumbai University. ‘This question should also be included in your paper, that is, Anaayasa will get a score. Finally, a mark is a big thing, Babu is such a dialogue student who is seen to be killed.

Various courses in Mumbai University are currently underway. The paper of indirect tax in ‘Belfry’ Self-Finance Course is currently in a lot of debate. In the third year of the Examination Examination of the Examination of Indirect Tax, the question of whether or not GST is a good night, sweet dream, take care, or a mistake, was asked for a number of questions. Writing a ‘wrong’ answer to unhealthy students, one mark was immediately confirmed. Therefore, after leaving the examination, every student has to thank the University and the paper setter for ‘A mark’s price you know. PaperSeter Babu’. Outside the examination center, the students’ churches were exhausted. Within minutes, this bliss appeared on WhatsApp, Whitesup status, Facebook and all the social media. Mim’s was seen on everybody’s status with a screenshot of this question, the price of one product, the gratitude of the papercetter, the joy of the Confirm. This paper, which has become viral on social media, smiled at students and gave them the opportunity to earn a mark of right. So, the students in other branches are also ‘GST’. These are praying for the current trending question.
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