How to file a complaint with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation?

#How to file a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation?

Even after we Mumbaikars face numerous difficulties regarding our roads, traffic, pollution, water, cleanliness, etc. most of the times we just ignore these issues without even lodging a complaint. We consider it a complicated process but it is very simple. Majority of our civic activities fall under the authority of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) referred as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) and filing a complaint with BMC is very easy and you can also do it instantly by filling an online form.

#How to file a complaint with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation?

  • Online form: You can register your complaint by filling a form on the citizen portal of the MCGM website. Link:
  • Citizen Facilitation Centre: BMC has 24 wards located all around Mumbai. You can lodge a complaint by visiting your nearest CFC at any of these wards.
  • Call: You can directly call on 1916 to register your complaint. You will receive a complaint registration number after you have successfully lodged your complaint.

After your complaint has been successfully registered, you will receive a complaint number. Keep it secured with you as you will need it for future communications with BMC.

#How to track your complaint with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation?

You can simply check or track your complaint with the Municipal Corporation in two different ways. You can either track the complaint by searching your complaint number, or by filling up the details of your complaint here( Remember, you must secure the Unique Complaint Number (transaction id) for tracking your complaint status.


In case your complaint has not been resolved, you can escalate it with the BMC authorities and inquire them for reasons of the delay. You can also file an RTI inquiring about your application status and reasons of the delay.


If BMC fails to resolve your complaint, then you can get in touch with the political and administrative authorities and ask them to look into the matter. You can also acquire help from a particular NGO related to your issue.


Mumbai has 24 different wards. You can locate yours by clicking on the image.


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