Summer is rigid, check yourself!

#Summer is rigid, check yourself!

Health Minister Dr. Archana Deshpande, Associate Professor, Government Medical College, Your body temperature is generally around 986 degrees …


.Daw Archana Deshpande,

Associate Professor, Government Medical College

Our body temperature is generally around 9 8.6 degrees. It is necessary to maintain the same temperature in order to carry out all the complicated processes in the body. The process of controlling temperature is part of Hypothalamus in the heart. The process of temperature control in the body due to intense temperature in the heat stroke collapses and the symptoms of heat loss are expressed in different types. It is currently very strict summer. These days the incidence of heat-related diseases increases. If the patients do not take any measures at a time, they may suffer. For this, we will learn about the signs and symptoms of heat stroke …

0 Heat Cramps: These usually appear in the summer sun performers. It covers the muscles of hands and feet and suffers from pain. It is due to the decrease in the amount of sodium and chloride in the body.

0 Heat Sync: It’s been a long time since sunset. In this, the patient suffers from reducing blood pressure.

0 Heat Exposure: There are symptoms of dizziness, tiredness, and fever. But this type of temperature is generally less than 102. This is due to the lack of water and sodium.

0 Heat stroke: The temperature is greater than 104. If there is no solution at this time, then the patient can rig. The symptoms of heat stroke are nausea, vomiting, headache, fever, skin warming and dryness, sweating, increased breathing, blood pressure decrease, confusion, and unconsciousness.

Measures in case of heat stroke

0 First, take the person to shade or to a cool place.

Remove excess body clothing.

With the body wet, continue the fan Better if showering

0 Keep ice bag in kakh, neck, text, and thigh

Care to be taken from the shop

0 Working in the sun from 11 to 4 in the morning, avoid walking.

0 Fine colors and cotton clothes.

Use goggles, hats, scarves

0 Keep the bottle of water near the bottom. Increase the temperature as the water intensifies.

0 If you do not wait for thirst, drink eight to ten pills of water daily. Take coconut water, carrot powder, lemon syrup, lassi, butter and ORS powder in water.

In the diet, use of kayak, melon, lemon, onion, orange.

0 If the color of the urine becomes much yellowish or reducing the amount of urine, increase the amount of water and the above-mentioned beverages.

If you take care of the above, you will be able to prevent sun-due to many diseases.

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