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Love is all right; But where does the money from the money? Such typical questions were asked earlier by the generation of parents …

Love is all right; But where does the money from the money? Such typical questions were asked earlier by the generation of parents. In the present age, both the husband and wife have started discussions with each other before marriage. Before the wedding, there should be some questions asked before the marriage so that there are no precautions about financial issues, to be precise about each other’s money. When they ask, self-respect should not be hurt.

It’s just loved and it does not work. If you want to run the world, if you want to secure the future economically, you want money. Just remember, love cannot be paid. You are in love with your spouse, and you are thinking of getting married soon. You have strong assimilation when looking at the future dreams; But before all this, take deep breaths and look at the whole situation. Have you monitored all of your spouse’s expenses, and have you thought about how to deal with your financial side? If not, ask the partner for six questions before the wedding. This will help you fulfill your financial dreams, planning ahead of the future. Just ask questions, because discussions on money often seem to be short-lived. So, asking a question about financial planning, without worrying about it.

What are your financial goals?

This question is very good to start a conversation about financial matters. Ask the spouse for his / her short term and long-term financial goals. That’s what you want your partner to do and what kind of planning she/she will get to know about it. Know the spouse’s expenses, ask him or her to save money, or spend the entire money. These questions are important for the financial health of any relationship.

Is there a big loan?

If you are thinking of marriage and your partner has a large debt, it can result in your life too. What has the couple planning to pay for this loan? After paying the salary for a loan, how much money will be left for the home Want to contribute to your spouse? There is nothing wrong with having a loan. However, you should be prepared for the assessment of his repayment as well as other expenses after the wedding.

Are you going to spend big in the future?

Is your spouse planning to leave or quit? Is he or he is contemplating a new house or a car, and is going to make a down payment in the near future? What could be the impact on other costs? Also, ask whether your partner is dependent on someone (family member or close relative). Most of all, do you have consent for these expenses?

Where do you like to spend?

Check out where your spouse loves to spend without the usual expenses? Eg Being a member of an elite club, party in a pub, shopping, gambling or anything else? Think about how much it would be for the spouse to spend on everything. If you have any doubts or concerns, this is the right time to talk about it and to take action on each other’s preferences.

Speak clearly

Wait for the right opportunity to discuss financial issues and talk about monthly salaries. Discussion can be difficult to discuss, But this can help to understand each other’s financial condition better. You can have a clear idea of ​​how your spouse can contribute to the cost of the house and how to handle the rest.

Make a budget for both of them

After considering each other’s financial condition and goals, think of the time to make your combined budget. Decide whether you are going to open a pooled account, or exchange cash. Are you going to put aside a certain amount of money to use during your difficulties? Are you sure you want to contribute? Think about all these things. Doing so already will not cause confusion or debate on your financial issues.

A similar advantage

Many people feel like talking to financial partners before. It also fears if there is a wrong plan for us; But remember, there is the power to break relationships and to attach relationships. Often, you may also know whether a person is right or right for you, and this discussion is necessary for your future’s future.

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