‘Pakistani Hindus’ votebank on Rajasthan border

‘Pakistani Hindus’ votebank on Rajasthan border

It is clear that any election is fought on social equations as well as on issues related to infrastructure and development, and a new votebank ‘Pakistani Hindus’ has been developed on the border of Rajasthan. Specifically, these votebanks are being taken by the political parties.

Any election is fought on social equations as well as on issues related to infrastructure and development, and on the border of Rajasthan, a new votebank ‘Pakistani Hindus’ has evolved. Specifically, this votebank is being taken by political parties and for the first time this group has given various promises.

In Pakistan, persecution of Hindus with minorities is continuing. Therefore, Hindus migrating to India came to the asylum. This number has increased steadily over the years, and this group has been prominently displayed in districts on the border of Rajasthan. In Jamshedpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer and Bikaner districts, there are more than five lakh Pakistani Hindus, and two lakh of them have Indian citizenship. As the number is growing steadily, there are promises of electricity and water supply to the political parties. Hindusing Sodha runs a social institution for the Hindus coming from Pakistan. According to him, there are 20,000 Hindu Hindus in Jodhpur. So, this number is two lakhs in the surrounding districts. Polling in these constituencies will be held on April 29, in which the role of Pakistani Hindus is also important.

Citizenship only after seven years
– The ratio of Pakistani Hindu citizens coming to the border of Rajasthan has increased in some years. This number is more than five lakhs in the border area.
– Only after seven years of life after coming to Pakistan, these citizens get Indian citizenship.
– These citizens have to continue to extend the visa till they get Indian citizenship.
In the beginning, staying in temporary camps does not get any basic amenities. The situation in these camps is very tough.
There are no age proofs or other evidence coming from Pakistan. Education is also half-way. Therefore, in addition to registering the name to the administration, there are many challenges facing daily needs.

The partition for the Hindus coming from Pakistan is still not over. They came to India due to persecution in Pakistan. They also do not get the basic facilities here too. After getting the Indian citizenship from the administration, they get the right to vote and other government schemes also benefit.
– Hindusing Sodha, Social Worker

Political awareness on both sides
An increasing number of Pakistani Hindus has been trying to attract these lone voters. Congress has promised to give them water and electricity in the manifesto. For the first time education has been mentioned along with basic facilities, Hindusing Sodha pointed out. So, BJP’s ideology is Hindutva, so we are considered as a vote bank. However, no one should assume us, we will vote for those who think about our issues, a citizen has said on condition of anonymity.

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