chinook helicopters: ‘Chinook’ in Air Force; Pak will be deployed on the border

chinook helicopters: ‘Chinook’ in Air Force; Pak will be deployed on the border

Chinook helicopter has been included in the Indian Air Force. Therefore, the strength of the Air Force has increased and the helicopter will be deployed on the Pakistan border. The Air Force has told the border guards on the border to restrain.

Indian Air Force chief BS Yeddyurappa Four Chinook helicopters were rushed to the air force program in presence of Dhanoa. “These four helicopters are the wealth of the nation. At the level of security, the country is facing many challenges, due to Chinook’s entry into the Air Force, it will be a game changer, said Dhone.

At this time, Dhanoa mentioned the Rafael planes. After the fleet of the Rafale Air Force, there will not be any aircraft of Pakistan on the Line of Control and the border. Rafael will increase the strength of the Air Force. He also said that Pakistan will not be able to reply to it.

Chinook helicopter has been used in the Vietnam War.

Chinook was used in Afghanistan and Iraq too


>> Ability to carry arms and soldiers to 11 thousand kilos

>> It has been created by Multi-Mission Helicopter Boeing Company

This helicopter is useful in the Himalayan mountain ranges, it can also be used for helicopter land in the Khayarias and on the small helipad.

So far 19 countries have used this helicopter

This helicopter has been filed in the United States Air Force since 1962

>> India has signed an agreement to purchase 15 Chinook helicopters

This helicopter can fly in bad weather, the speed of the helicopter is 315 kilometers per hour.

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