Gmail: Due to technical difficulties, Google services worldwide

Gmail: Due to technical difficulties, Google services worldwide

Today, Google’s service is blocked by technical difficulties all over the world. E-mail sending has become difficult due to the service jam. Troubled users have given their assassinations to Google through social media.


Millions of net acres worldwide have been shocked by the fact that in the morning, computers and computers are going to open every day. Because Guggalon has called non-cooperation since morning. Thanks to technical difficulties, Google’s service is interrupted The e-mail sent is not available to the front. If you do not get it downloading This has caused the users to be harassed and complaints received on social media.

Google Drive, with Gmail, the obstacles are coming in the U-Tube service. Complaining about Netkar’s complaints, promptly apologized Attempts to remove the technical difficulties Soon the service will be reversed, ‘the disclosure has revealed. Googling has given users

What are the problems happening?

>> Emails cannot be sent Mail does not come

>> Received and sent e-mail videos, documents do not download

>> Finding places on Google Maps has been difficult

It takes a lot of time to upload videos to YouTube.

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