Going to the interview

Going to the interview

Often you get stressed while going to a job interview. And because of this tension, you forget about many things. Which of the clothes you wear, what documents are acceptable, how to sit, and how many steps we have to take for granted. Expert advice about this …

To give an interview, when you go to inquire, how do you see? It is very important that this matter is not unique. Supermodels should not be seen or do not want to. Because interviewers are not expecting such a thing, it is necessary to look neat and pleasant. It does not mean that there is not enough use of makeup and parlor service. It is a stylish, self-confident and ambitious emotion. There is need of patience rather than ‘cool’ and stress than hyper.

The current young woman lives nice and looks smart The definition of beauty also changed. It happens to open up to yourself knowingly and knowingly. What to do now? How do you see? Whose advice is favored? Will you go to the toilet? Beautiful sattva? Similar questions are confusing. Confusion creates even quicker accessory additions and selection of footwear. Besides, there is no interview for the job! Do not go to show favorites for the child’s choice. What is it about the costume and appearance? ‘

But the costume, lightweight make-up looks change. ‘The first impression is important, being unlucky, being unlucky is not the possibility that entry can be’ out ‘. Then how to dress for the interview? So it depends on the area in which you want to get a job. The TV shows, costumes, lipsticks, nailpents, earrings, and flirts all look beautiful. Real Life is not a screen reality show.

So jeans, T-shirts do not want such an interview. Handloom salwar-kameez or sari in other areas, along with NGOs for finance, management accounting, teaching etc., would be suitable. There is a graceful, graceful, graceful appearance of something beautiful. Similar accessories, hairdressing Do not be too stiff, do not shoot. Choose an exquisite color. Handbook pint or so-called Indo-Western Look looks good. If there is an increase in the trendy office, and if there is no reason to walk in the saree, then that dress is not usually objectionable.

Distance is the rule of makeup. Do not just focus on the face and ignore hand, throat, nails, corners, claws and so on. All should be timely and well organized. Because in the present age, there is no place in the field, the importance of rigorousness, neatness and freshening, and the quality of it.

First of all, when you go for an interview you need to have good academic performance. Know the company whose company’s interview will be given. You need to know the information and knowledge of those fields that go to the interview in any field. There are also soft curriculum and ambulance skills along with curriculum activities. The performance of your sports and other activities is successful. Your first impression of the interview is the last one. The fields in which you will be interviewed are 70 percent knowledge, General Knowledge 20 percent and 10 percent are your payrolls.

-Pracharya Dr. S. S. Patil, Ashokrao Mane College of Pharmacy

It is said that getting a job is possible due to an interview. But we can facilitate access to the interview through a biotype or resume. As the candidate is interviewed, he is tested only and only with his resume. So it is important to create a resume that is your target. It is an important thing to verify that your educational quality is more relevant to each other and its information is accurate with the information in it. Therefore, the resume itself should not have been copied by someone else’s own information and the information that is made by itself.

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