Drugs on cancer are cheap

Drugs on cancer are cheap

The central government has decided to give relief to cancer patients across the country. The government has reduced the profit margins to 30% in the sale of cancer drugs. As a result, the prices of 42 non-scheduled drugs on cancer have been reduced.

New prices will be effective from March 8. Retail and wholesale pharmaceutical manufacturers earn huge profits from the sale of medicines. Therefore, the prices of drugs have increased. Under the maximum ceiling of the benefits, these drugs will be exempted under the Value Rule. The nineteen directives from the government’s drug control regime have been used to determine how much profit should be in this drug transaction.

The researchers believe that this decision will give great relief to cancer patients. In India, the number of cancer cases is increasing every year. Consequently, cancer scientists believe that the Government’s decision to reduce the cost of medicines in medical treatment will be a relief to the patients.

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