New Year’s Smart Healthy Style

New Year’s Smart Healthy Style

Changing Lifestyle Today’s lifestyle challenges are different They are constantly changing …

Changing lifestyle

Today’s lifestyle challenges are different. She is constantly changing. Experts from the World Health Organization have prepared ‘Smart Tips’ through a deep study and comprehensive survey. They are sure that they will certainly raise personal and social health levels.

– Dr. Avinash bhondave

In the new year’s features, new resolutions have a very important place. With the arrival of the new year, I will change my life, so many shiny emotions linger in the minds of many. They have an enlightened idea that changing their past calendar on the wall will change their life. In fact, it lasts for 1 January and the first fortnight of life remains fifty-five. Waiting for the next moment to change the way of life is first.

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart gadgets, Smart City, etc. This lifestyle has become smart too. Therefore, your new year’s resolutions should also be smart. Instead of deciding that I will start the exercise since January, I would have resolved that I would not run for 30 minutes daily. Instead of deciding that I will close sweet food, stop junk food, I would like to enjoy fast food twice a month. Instead of saying that the mobile will not be used at all, it will be used only to make phone calls. According to psychologists, our resolution should be positive and we should be able to get it easily. This is called ‘smart resolution’.

World Health Organization Smart Tips

The World Health Organization, which plans to guide and guide the health of all the nations of the world, will be healthy for 2019, in this view, announced 12 smart tips on the new year’s commencement. These smart suggestions made by Facebook page and Twitter have created a great deal of interest around the world.

1. Healthy diet: That means, with daily meals, two cups of vegetables and three fruits will be eaten.

2. Physical Exercise: 150 minutes per week will exercise moderate intensity. This means that every day, 22 to 25 minutes a day, you will make a lot of running, swimming, cycling, jogging, running, wet training.

3. Vaccination: At the age of every vaccine the doctor will take advice. At the same time, if anyone is going to start with it, then the vaccine that is necessary will certainly be taken. Apart from this, if a vaccination campaign is started in a widespread form, then it will not be staggering. These things are important for individual and public health perspectives.

4. Avoid tobacco and tobacco products. Tobacco, gutkha, bidi, cigarette and new method of smokeless electronic cigarettes are dangerous to health. The respiratory system as well as oral, tongue, and stomach cancer are caused by cancer. Tobacco consumption and smoking are the main causes of cardiovascular disease and paralysis.

5. Avoiding excessive use: Drinking habit continues to increase and therefore physical and mental health is taken away; Apart from this, many questions arise financially and family health loss.

6. Tension planning: Stress is an integral part of today’s lifestyle, but today it is full of stress for all the bites of life. It is necessary to plan these stresses. Yoga, meditation, studying hobbies, spending time with friends and family is a great way to deal with it.

7. Cleanliness: It is everybody’s duty to maintain physical and public cleanliness. It can therefore endanger personal and pandemic diseases. It is necessary to wash teeth, wash hands, clean bathing, and wear personal clothes. At the same time, things should also be observed in public places such as garbage dump, dirt, spit, and water accumulation.

8. Secure driving: The huge street traffic and the thickness of the vehicles, have become a part of lifestyle today. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary for fast driving, driving without driving and driving without driving license. The use of helmets by two-wheelers and a special seat for children in the car is requested.

9. Though the concept of ‘safe driving’ was thought to be healthier, it is an important indicator of the fast pace of survival of people with disabilities and the number of people who have lost their lives.

10. Safe Sex: Out-of-play behavior, prostitution, and sexually transmitted diseases can lead to AIDS and similar sexual ailments. So avoiding these things and using condoms, this is an important note for modern lifestyle.

11. Regular health check-ups: It is absolutely necessary today to take regular medical care and not only after being ill, but also to be treated regularly by the doctor even though he is suffering from hypertension and taking special examinations required by his counsel. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, many types of cancer are initially complete ‘silent’. They can be diagnosed in medical check-up only, and they can be treated in a timely manner and avoid further disorder.

12. Support for breastfeeding: This is a unique notification made by the health organization. Babies receive immunity from mother’s breastfeeding, they have good health. So at the family and social level; Similarly, in the companies, private and government offices, women should get special facilities.

Challenges of today’s lifestyle

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