Yoga Columns: – Euphoroddasan, who weighed the throat of the stomach

Yoga Columns: – Euphoroddasan, who weighed the throat of the stomach

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Uthman Padmasan, who weighed the stomach

Obesity is seen in many people today because of the problem of obesity. Fast food intake, comfortable lifestyle, lack of exercise can increase the stomach’s abdomen. When the size of the stomach grows or starts to become upset. Uthanapadaasana This posture removes the obesity of the stomach and prevents obesity. This seat can strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. Increased digestion due to strong muscles. If digestion is good, constipation, gas, damping, indigestion, and appetite can help to cure disorders of the stomach. This seat helps in staying in the right place. The heart, the lungs become efficient for this asana. This posture is also beneficial in low blood pressure, body and mind stagnation. It is a seat that will help to prevent facial crackers and pustules so that the blues on the face persist. This asana helps in halting hair and hitting hair.

Who should not? If you have any of these troubles, you should not do this asana, sore throat, hernia, and high blood pressure.

How do you Straight, sleep fast Keep your hands on the floor with the thighs? The palms of the palms will be lying on the ground. Now, taking a breath, taking an angle of 60 degrees up to this point. Wait a while. In this process, the palms of your hands will remain on the ground. Keep breathing in general, and be happy, wait for the time as long as you can. After some time you will feel embarrassed at the top of the stomach. Then bring your legs down slowly while breathing again. Take care that your head does not move from place to place while performing this action. Make this seat two to three times a day. Initially, make this seat under the guidance of the experts.

Safe Goswami, Yogajjyadmaja today is seen in many people …

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