Shiv Sena’s ‘Narijinaam’ from best promotion;

Shiv Sena’s ‘Narijinaam’ from best promotion;

Mumbaikar Vetis
The band is still closed due to the unrestrained strike of the best service staff, which is an integral part of the daily passenger traffic of Mumbaiites. Employees are firm on strike because there is no settlement in the meeting of the BEST administration and the trade union organization. Though the Shiv Sena’s trade union organization has withdrawn from the strike, the members of the organization are firm on the strike. The best day of the ‘Mumbai’

>> Tornado rush at Metro Ghatkopar station due to BEST strike

>> With the declaration of retrospective, so far, the resignation of 200 members of Shiv Sena workers union

>> Shiv Sena workers’ union meeting, meeting of Shiv Sena to remove grievances of workers

>> Shivsena’s workers’ union withdrew its best, but there was no bus on the road

>> Mulund, Vikhroli, Shivajinagar, Air Diagram and Bandra Depot Employees Association resigns

>> Of the 2958 pilgrims, only 11 are present at 8 am and 12 out of 3184 conductors attend the work

>> BEST’s attendance today for only 5 drivers and 6 conductor shift shifts for the seventh day today

>> This view from Dindoshi bus depot, all the bus depots

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