Will ‘home’ wait?

Will ‘home’ wait?

Despite the order of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to initiate the movement of MMRDA and MMRDA for the closure of around 8,000 MMR for the Mill workers, due to the recommendations of the committee, monitoring the preparation of a comprehensive list of applicants before the release

Although MHADA and MMRDA movements have started, according to the orders of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, for the removal of nearly 8,000 houses of MMRDA for the mill workers, the scope of this draw has been created due to the recommendations of the committee to oversee the comprehensive list of applicants before the issue. To take out of this, MHADA has also tried to set up a high-powered committee under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary. On the other hand, the opposition group also insists that the comprehensive listing and application should not be withdrawn without scrutiny.

The mill workers were destroyed due to the collision of the mills. Therefore, after the intense agitation by the mill workers’ union to make proper rehabilitation of mill workers, the state government decided to give strategic decisions and provide houses to the mill workers on plots. Accordingly, MHADA collected a list of mill workers and workers of deceased workers in 58 mills in Mumbai. Also, the first draw took place in 2012, based on this list. However, the list as opposed to the labor workers’ shelter and welfare team for hurrying the names of more than one name, who had left the mill premises before the cut-off date of January 1, 1982, showing the names of those names. A Public Interest Litigation filed in the Bombay High Court was also filed as the program was being played. The High Court had directed that the monitoring committee, set up under the chairmanship of retired judges, decide the entire questionnaire for the vacancy of the house while deciding the petition on June 28, 2016. Accordingly, S. The monitoring committee headed by Agyar (Retired Judge) has issued instructions in 27 July 2017. Accordingly, the committee has asked MHADA to prepare mill list with details of his ticket number, PF number and ESI number details of mill workers in all 58 villages.

The petitioner’s welfare team has also written a letter to the Chief Minister a few days ago and observed that following the directions of the High Court and Monitoring Committee, it is necessary to drop it after scrutiny. However, MHADA has given a list of nearly 1.5 lakh workers and heirs as per earlier campaign and MHADA is not able to make such a comprehensive list again. As a result, the comprehensive list of upcoming draws has been raised, and the challenge to take this out of the challenge is in front of MHADA and the state government.

Preparing a comprehensive list of all the mill workers will be very long term. It requires a lot of manpower and other tools. Therefore, we have presented this question before the High Powered Committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary. Mill-blind applicants can be scrutinized after removing the drops. Therefore, we are trying to make the decision to drop it.

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