This year, 99 tigers, 473 leopards die in the country

This year, 99 tigers, 473 leopards die in the country

27 people killed in the human-wildlife conflict in Chandrapur district

In the last 2018 year, 99 tigers and 473 leopards died in the country. In 2017, 116 tigers died. In comparison to this, the number of deaths of tiger deaths is less than 17 this year. This year, 20 tigers have died in Maharashtra. 27 people have died this year in human-wildlife struggles in the Chandrapur district.

National Tiger Conservation Authority has mentioned that 96 tigers died on their website this year, 98 tigers died on the Wildlife Conservation Society’s website. Wildlife Conservation Society’s records were recorded and if the tiger received death in Umred-Karandal Wildlife Sanctuary today, the number of deaths in this year is 99. Most of these deaths are in Madhya Pradesh (23) and Maharashtra (20). Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra were followed by Karnataka 16, Uttarakhand 8, Uttar Pradesh 6, Rajasthan 6, Tamilnadu 6, Kerala 5, Odisha and 1 in West Bengal.

In particular, in the year 2017, 116 tigers died in the country. As compared to 17 this year, this number is less than 17. In the last year, 25 tigers in Madhya Pradesh and 23 tigers were killed in Maharashtra. This year, the death of tigers planted with radio collars has also been recorded. 4 Tigers have left the villagers leaving the electric current. Three Tigers have died in a railway accident.

This year 473 leopards died in the country. In Maharashtra, 94 deaths have been reported in Maharashtra. This includes 22 leopards killed in train and road accidents. In the Chandrapur district alone, 27 people have died in the human-wildlife conflict. Especially, most of these incidents have killed the man entering the village. This includes the students who attended the school sports competition and the only four-year-old boy playing in the house premises.

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