The biggest condition that Dipika had kept before Ranveer was to give it

The biggest condition that Dipika had kept before Ranveer was to give it

Deepika and Ranveer are the most popular pair in Bollywood. Many fans see these pairs as if they have become one another. This visionary pair built Satta’s birth knot last month. After the six-year relationship on 14th November, the couple was legally married in the marriage ceremony. For many years, many couples who have concealed a lot about their love affair have now decided to reveal one secret to the fans.

In a recent interview with Filmfare magazine, Deepika told about the conditions presented before Ranveer. Before giving recognition to Ranveer, she wanted to have this relationship as an ‘open relationship’, she explained her role in this interview in her interview. ‘After the breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, the period of the breakup was very difficult for me. Earlier, many had betrayed me. I did not want to repeat this mistake again. I was not in the urge to constantly explain to anyone. That is why I wanted an open relationship. Where was I not bound? If I had loved someone else, I had told him that I would consider her. But luckily I got a good rapport with Ranveer.

Ranvir won my mind and decided to give me 100% of my relationship with him, so Deepika said in an interview. Also, in the same interview, he revealed the secret that both of them had already made 4 years ago.

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