There is no eye on Thanekar’s money

There is no eye on Thanekar’s money

Even a private contractor raised a gymkhana on a PPP fund or even after giving the company a workshop that was spent by the corporation itself, it is not economical for the common people to avail the services provided by Thanekar. If the private contractors do not take initiative to set up a gymkhana on PPP basis, then the question has been raised on why the money collected from the Thane corporation should be spent on the construction of the Gymkhana. The Corporation has run nine crores of rupees in the Kausa Stadium and Dhawati mini stadium running at Naki Nau. The Thane Club of the Municipal Corporation is also one of the most popular tourist destinations. Therefore, some corporators of the army have expressed their solidarity with the municipal corporation and Thanekar should make concrete efforts for basic services.

The theme park and the Bollywood Park will be done on the basis of BOT so that no money will be spent on the money collected by the corporation, the administration has stated in the original proposal. However, due to no response to the BOT, the corporation has tried for voyage gap funding (VGF). With no success in it, PPP, funding for some amount of funds from the Central Government’s Amrit scheme, three options of finance were made forward. However, when the work was given to the contractor, it was decided to spend 100 percent of the cost through the bank’s security. This change in expenditure was controversial even if the proposal. Some corporators have expressed their fear that they will not be repeated.

Unique coincidence

A Shiv Sena MLA had insisted on performing the works of Theme Park and Bollywood Park. Commenting on these two acts, the accusation was not only for the administration but also the people’s representatives, forcing us to work for our work. Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal also raised the representatives of the accused in the accused’s cages. Even after this case, there is a continuation of demand for the representatives of the people. These proposals have also been suggested by the Senate’s own legislator, who have coincidentally insisted on setting up a sub-gymnasium and floating stage. It is surprising that in the same way, when the corporation had handed over to the Thane Club private contractor, the same MLA had alleged that he had committed corruption in the club’s business at a standing committee meeting!

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