What will you do when the phone is stolen?

What will you do when the phone is stolen?

1. In the marketplace, in the market, crowd, exhibition. Mobile owners go to the police station, however, many times police records have been missing, missing, without filing a theft case. So it does not make a hole. See what can happen when mobile is stolen …

2. First of all, enter the FIR by going to the police.
3. Give IMEI number to police.
4. Block your SIM card to prevent misuse of bank account or credit card.
5. Change password of Facebook, Twitter Instagram accounts
6. Keep the tracking kit in the phone always active.
7. Track the kit after the phone is stolen.
8. Everyday you get many e-mails. Some of those e-mails are important and sent to you. However, due to the number of unnecessary emails in incoming e-mails, it is worth spending a lot of time in finding useful mail and deleting other emails. There are some special services available to shut down this kind of e-mail. Their identity …
9. Unsubscribe option with any e-mail services is the easiest way to turn off unnecessary e-mail. Generally there is an unsubscribe link available at the bottom along with every unnecessary e-mail. However, clicking on this link can be a kind of trap. Because, so you are a real person and your email ID is used, these things prove. Therefore it is safer to choose the unsubscribe option provided by e-mail services.

10. Google has made it very easy to unsubscribe to any e-mail ID users who use G-Mail from the desktop. When Gmail is found to have an unsubscribe link in an e-mail, Google Answers are given an unsubscribe option beside the name of the e-mail sender. Sometimes this option appears next to the ‘Spam’ icon in the toolbar. After selecting this option you can get rid of the related e-mail

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