Fisheries Society’s ‘NOC’ is not only

Fisheries Society’s ‘NOC’ is not only

There are 225 boats in Koliwada and three fishermen societies. The Municipal Corporation has not taken any objection certificate of any of these institutions for Coastal Road.

On Monday, met Municipal Commissioner Ajay Mehta from Worli Koliwada fishermen. The fishermen raised objections at that time. However, the project’s presentation has not been invited to the Worli MLA Sunil Shinde. The corporation has not called the discussions to the authorities and the owners of the boat. The Fisheries Department sought no objection certificate for the coastal road from the fishermen’s establishments. These organizations informed the objections and suggestions in writing in writing on October 29, 2017. However, without taking any notice of these objections, the Fisheries Department has given mutual objection certificate to the corporation. “The presentation about the coastal road has not been called as a local MLA,” said Shivsena MLA Sunil Shinde of Worli.

Near the sealing is going to the coastal road and there are two pillars. Sitting on the fishermen’s seat, the boats cannot be allowed to go through these two pillars. Therefore, the distance between the interrupted junction area of EC-1 and NC-4 in the junction area of the road should be at least 160 to 200 meters (circle) for a gate. The Koli community has also suggested that the NC-1, NC-2, and NC-3 should be canceled. The community has suggested that at least one meter of each gate should be at least 160 meters, because of the fisheries in Lotus Jetty and Haji Ali area, said Harishchandra Nakhwa, Rajendra Shivdikar, and Bal Agaskar.

Fear of losing a job

Due to this project, the Koli community has expressed fear that more than 400 Koliwandbha workers will be hit. The community has expressed the possibility of the destruction of the underground flow of the sea, the molars, the reproduction section. Due to the increase, the water level has increased and the possibility of entering Koliwada has been expressed. Due to a natural flow of recruitment and ebb, an underground ocean, sand and the gap between the two pillars, the underground foundations are a hindrance. At the time of recruitment, the coastal soil is sifted at the base of the pillar at the time of sand oats. So there is a huge swamp in Worli bay. The water bodies of sea coast have changed due to the cylinders, according to the Koli community.

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