Do platelets grow in Kiwi?

Do platelets grow in Kiwi?

There is no scientific research on the standard method of developing platelets on Kiwi feeding. There is no research on other diseases except platelets that reduce platelets. So, in my opinion, this should be the ‘marketing’ type.
The rain has changed its style nowadays. Like the verse, it does not come in a regular form like ‘It’s a rainy season, I appreciate the beauty of the universe.’ However, during the last five-six years, dengue is unheard of every year, every year. By checking the blood of the infected patient, the doctor declared the diagnosis of dengue, that three results may appear.
1. Fear of the patient and his relatives frightens.
2. The doctor is requested to make some adjustments to the patient or fill in the line.
3. Kiwi and papaya dose starts with the patient without telling the doctors.
In fact, all these three responses from patients in dengue are useless. The doctor preserves him faithfully advising him about the fear of the patient. Do not enter the patient’s platelet at least 10 thousand rupees and drink 2-3 liters of water every day instead of filling it with saline. However, no doctor can stop Dr. Kiwi from eating the patient’s fruit.
This is because of the well-educated patient’s mentality in today’s lifestyle. Instead of the classical things taught by the doctor, there are quite a few unhealthy things that are told by other non-medical persons, and especially the white apps that move freely everywhere. ‘The number of blood platelets is reduced after dengue. However, the juice of kiwi, dragon fruit and papaya leaves are increased, the number of platelets is increased rapidly, dengue is cured, the fruits have the potential to increase the immune system. “The message of such messages begins to become ‘viral’ on social media. These messages that are running on the dengue, which are not eaten by anybody, are being taken for Rs 100-150. Often, patients spend more on these fruits than doctors’ medicines.

About Kiwi …
Kiwi This bird is the national bird of New Zealand. In cricket, New Zealand’s team is considered as ‘Kiwis’. So there is a lot of society that comes from New Zealand. However, China accounts for 56 percent of the world’s Kiwi fruit product. So he is also called ‘Chinese Gooseberry’. The production of Kiwi in China, except China, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Greece and now in India. Kiwi has a taste of banana, oranges and strawberries as it does with it.
One Kiwi fruit contains 61 calories. It contains 0.5 gm thickness, 1.1. Gram protein contains 15 grams of sophisticated substances. In particular, there is a little more vitamin A than other fruits. In addition, Kiwi contains A, E and K vitamins and folates. Sodium, potassium, chloride, alkaline, and colin, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus are some of the minerals. However, this factor is less in almost all the fruits. Therefore, it is difficult to reasonably believe that these factors only qualify for dengue.
There is no scientific research on the standard method of developing platelets on Kiwi feeding. This product has not been widely researched globally. There have been no tests done by different ages, colors, men and women of the country. There is no research on other diseases except platelets that reduce platelets. So, in my opinion, this should be the ‘marketing’ type.

In some medical journals, many people have severe allergic reactions, rashes on the body, thick buds, vomiting, laxatives, nausea. Asthma can be triggered by eating astigmatism patients. Pancreas can cause swelling (Pancreatitis) due to the overflow of this fruit. If the patient starts certain medicines, there is a risk of internal bleeding.
Dangue patients should understand that it is not the purpose of dengue treatment to increase platelets. ‘Platelet count’ of body-effects of dengue virus is a sign of internal illness. This fruit is eaten and platelet count increases, but it does not affect the dengue virus. Due to the increase in ‘platelet count’ due to Kiwi or similar medicines to increase the platelet, there is a high likelihood of a reversal of the effects of dengue virus and not the right conditions for the consequences of dengue.

To grow platelets …
Dengue virus usually loses its body in 5 to 8 days. After that, platelets will automatically rise and come to normal. If platelets are reduced to less than 10,000 by the time of illness, then the patient has to give platelet blood.
While taking dengue, patients should take full rest, take their usual diet three times daily and drink fluid in 3-4 liters of water, syrup and drink. Use of medicines and blood tests should be done by the doctor. Mainly, prioritize doctor’s advice rather than posts on social media.
Apart from dengue, other foods whose platelets are low, with therapeutic effects, keep foliate, B-12, C and K vitamins with high intake. This should include more than cereal and fiber modules.

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