Bombs call center American citizens

Bombs call center American citizens

The Crime Branch of Mumbai Police was exposed by the crime branch of hundreds of people in America by tricking the “home delivery” of banned substances such as viagra, Sallis, and Levitra. The police arrested nine people in Andheri and hacked the call center. It is revealed that VoIP is cheating on this group.

Crime Assistant Inspector Gangadhar Mudiraj, 10, was found guilty of being betrayed by a US citizen by the Skype Web and being a representative of a US company in the US. Based on the guidance of senior police inspector Shrimant Shinde, the police team raided this place. At the time, nine people were seen sitting in the call center and contacting American citizens. Police took possession of them and captured router, computer, hard disk, laptop, mobile and other material from them. All these materials have been sent to a forensic lab for inspection, police said in a statement that how many people have been deceived by this data.

40 percent commission

According to the investigation, the arrests of at least 100 tablets have been ordered if the bullets are delivered to the home. Turning to the Indian currency through the foreign currency payment gateway given to the customers, the bogus call center operated in these transactions was given 40 percent commission.

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