Pune will get enough water

Pune will get enough water
While the water supply situation has been created due to the order issued by the Water Resources Regulatory Authority to restore Pune’s water, the state government has already given the quota approved for Pune.

Pune: While the water supply situation has been created due to the order issued by the Water Resources Regulatory Authority to bring the water of Pune directly to the Himalayas, the state government has already given the quota approved for the Pune grant to the residents of Pune. According to the previous government order, water has been sanctioned to the tune of 12.5 million cubic feet (TMC) by the year 2021. However, the municipal corporation will have to work hard to increase this quarterly TMC quota.

As the Pune Municipal Corporation decided to go to the state government against the decision of the Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority, the government has already sanctioned 11.50 TMC of water till 2021. The water quota of Puneers will be increased to 3.31 TMC by another 3.31 TMC. Therefore, it is possible to get 11.50 TMC of water till 2021, but Pune Municipal Corporation has to submit its report to the authority, and Pune will have to fight for more water. According to the municipal corporation’s authority, the population of Pimpri-Chinchwad and Cantonment near Pune will be 45 lakh 88 thousand 331 in Pune with a population of 1,58,811, so it is found that the population is not enough to get more than 11.50 TMC.

The municipal corporation has decided to appeal to the state government as the municipal corporation gets 8.19 TMC after rejecting the appeal authority. The state government has sanctioned 11.50 TMC of water supply till 2021. Based on this, the state government can order an additional 3.31 TMC to the Pune corporators, senior officials of the water resources department said. After the order of the state government, the Puneites are expected to get 11.50 TMC of water. However, this water will also be reduced. A population will be supported if more water is needed. The statistics of the population submitted by Pune Municipal Corporation to get more water will be responsible for putting the water quota on the Puneer water. According to the order of the Authority, the Municipal Corporation has submitted the information of the population up to 2032 by the Water Resources Department to the authority. According to the report, till 2017, there are 40 lakh 76 thousand 774 people, including the Cantonment Board and 21 Gram Panchayats. The Corporation has informed that till 2022, this population will be about 45.88 thousand 331. By 2031 this population would be 59.99 lakh 765 with the Gram Panchayat and the Cantonment Board, the estimate was stated by the Water Resources Department.

This data provided by the municipal corporation includes the population of 21 Gram Panchayats. According to the latest report, the population of Pune Cantonment is 1 lakh 58 thousand 11. According to estimates of 155 liters of water per capita, about 0.35 TMC of water is required for these people. Accordingly, 8.19 TMC of water can be obtained for Pune.

Examination of Gram Panchayats will be done

Pune Municipal Corporation supplies water to 21 Gram Panchayats. In providing information about the population from the Municipal Corporation, the population of the respective gram panchayats has been included. However, the water resources department has also provided water to the Gram Panchayats near 21 cities like Wagholi, Bhugonan. The Water Resources Department has decided to jointly examine the respective Gram Panchayats Municipal and Water Resources Department. Chief Engineer, Water Resources Department No These suggestions were given during Munde’s hearing.

Statistics submitted by Municipal Corporation

Year Water (TMC)

2011 ….. 31,15,433 ….. 6.23

2017 ….. 39, 18,763 ………. 7.84

2022 ….. 44,30,320 ….. 8.87

2032 ….. 57,71,754 ….. 12.83


Population of Pune Cantonment

0.35 TMC

Sanctioned water for Pune Cantonment

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