Hacking of bank accounts by hacking millions

Hacking of bank accounts by hacking millions

By hacking a bank account of a diamond company in the Bandra-Kurla complex, the bamboos have stolen 27 lakh rupees. In this regard, the BKC police arrested Ram Singh Komal Singh Mahesh and Javed Mohammad Sharif from Surat and the main conspirator of this fraud is still absconding.

One diamond company in the Bandra-Kurla complex runs financially online. The bank account of the company was hacked on November 25. A complaint was filed with the BKC police station from Hiray Company after it revealed that about 27 lakh rupees were withdrawn from the bank account seven to eight times after online transactions. In the preliminary inquiry, a jeweler from Kandivli bought 9 lakh jewelry and was classified by RTGS. When the same kind of online transaction was made, the BKC police filed the complaint under the Cheats and Information and Technology Act.

Under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Anil Kumbhare, a team of senior inspector Kalpana Gadekar, police inspector Deepshikha Warfare, and sub-inspector Ganesh Todak started the investigation. The police team reached Dhuntala with proofs of online transactions and some technical evidence. In one of the wage bank accounts of the wage worker who worked on wages in Dhule, the bamat had organized 12 lakhs. The police took the kidnapper. The couple had agreed to pay twenty thousand rupees and used to buy my account for two days, the worker said. Accordingly, the police used this worker to catch the two. The laborer called Ram Singh and Javed and called for the money collected in the bank account. When the police caught the trap, they caught the trapped police. Ramsingh and Javed, ten mobile, checkbooks and various bank ATM cards have been seized.

Bogus PAN card for the SIM card

Using this bogus PAN card, this hackneyed purchase a new SIM card. A bank account is being hacked and the OTP number is allotted to the new number. Thereafter, the amount is divided into different accounts. Or millions of dollars are paid by paying online in the online mode.

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