Give space for the plants to breathe’

‘Give space for the plants to breathe’

In many places in Mumbai, there are roads, specials, and footpaths. When the work is done for the convenience of the citizens, the breath of the trees standing over the years is shaken. Concretization, ladders are installed directly to the scrub without leaving the space around the slopes of trees. In June 2017, the municipal corporation had advised not to harm trees due to greenbelt; However, the same continued after that. On the 5th of December, issued a notice to the municipal corporation and the trees are being tarnished.

Municipal Park Department has admitted that the trees were neglected when the roads were done. So far, when citizens have complained about this, there has been no such kind of satisfactory answers. Complaints of trees collapse in the rain often occur due to concretization around the trees. The same thing is mentioned in the notice issued by the municipal corporation. If there is no free space around the trees, the air does not reach the roots and hence obstructions in the growth of the plants. It was reported that if the green arbitrage had a meter area around the tree, the conservation and protection of trees was good. It has also been reiterated in this regard. The Municipal Corporation has given instructions to widen the road widening, repairing and placing space for the plants to get breathing, and it is necessary to keep the seats on both sides of the road for the newly planted seedlings.

When the municipal corporation repeatedly gave instructions about this notice, despite the work of the road, one-meter space is not kept around the trees, according to Mrs. Shubhjeet Mukherjee of the Mission Green. So locals need to be aware of this, they said.

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