2.0 Cineviewview

2.0 Cineviewview

Shankar Shanmugam, Shankar’s Tamil director, is very fond of grandeur! It’s always a struggle to present something that will give up. He has done his best to make his film ‘Petrushka’ on the basis of massive sets, prosthetic make-up, and overuse of visual effects over the past few years. Well, what will stop the Shankar? After referring to a social question, the hero of his film then took the sickness to teach the system a lesson. Terrorists kill arrogant leaders, make use of viruses, or even take the vengeance that they do not even come to normal palmers. There is no such thing as ‘2.0’, which is the next part of the ‘Robo’, released in 2010, in Saif Fi. In the situation of the entire mankind, in the event of danger, Chitti, the protagonist of Shankar, opens the third eye and destroys the evil tendencies; and we are very happy to see this game through the help of technology. We appreciate the scenes seen on the screen and the technology used in it, and we fall outside the theaters. What is needed for us when we see the ‘2.0’ (Two Point Zero) created by multiplying, hundreds of crores, this part is different! That is, if you think that Rajni is watching the cinema, then you are afraid of being burnt because it is good to be silent.

An elderly person commits suicide by hanging on a mobile tower, with this view ‘2.0’ begins. Immediately afterward the whole city’s smartphones are pulled from the user’s direction. At the same time, the government machinery is scared to see the entire city disappeared. Afterward, a giant bird made of the same smartphone attacked the city. Due to the failure of the Army to face this different crisis, Vashikaran (Rajinikanth) and his personal secretary Robo Neela (Amy Jackson) are called. Vashikaran is of the view that due to the mischief work, it can fight against this powerful party, which has become infamous and is currently kept in the mosaic (Rajinikanth) chili (Rajinikanth). However, the first robot Dr. Bohra’s son (Sudhanshu Pandey) opposes him. Instead of opposing this, Vashikaran is active on Chitila. Bharat Rangarajan (Akshay Kumar), who is disturbed by the death of the parties due to the radiation of telecom companies, is an important character in this story. The person struggling to read the birds is against mobile radiation. Birdman says that the mobile should not be used to save the birds. The telecom companies’ network has increased due to the increase in the number of people using the same smartphone. After the death of Bhavrajan, who ends his life from depression, on the basis of negative waves, he has decided to take revenge on the entire humanity. This struggle stands against ‘Bird Rage Against’. Look at ‘2.0’ to see what happens in that conflict phase.

The feature of this movie is the use of wind maps for visual effects. This effect is seen as a ‘thrady’ technology used to attract more of the audience. The audience is quite amazed at seeing the toy. That’s exactly what the directors mean. Pink said that the technology was used in Hollywood in the ’90s,’ there is no interest in listening to Pink. To have a good film, it must be a good thing, there is a sketchy sketch. There are some ‘twists’ in the story while showing the struggle of the gentleman and the darling, it does not even belong to the village of the director. That is why, perhaps, based on the basis of ‘Phantasy’, he created a technology game and presented the story with no conflict. We look forward to what more ‘heavy’ will show in the next view than what will happen next. It is necessary for cinematography to be given out of the cinema for technology. However, this does not mean ‘2.0’ is the best, not so. While looking at Rajinikanth’s and South-South films, we should keep the mindset of looking at the mentality ‘2.0’. Do not give too much stress to the head, do not think too much. Jugalbandi between Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar Rajnikant’s ‘styling’ is done by Robb’s prostitution. Akshay Kumar’s performance too strongly. A. R. There is nothing to say about Rahman’s music. In the same way, singing does not have a lot of music in the film. Because of the temptation to paint the love story of both Robi and Amy, we also have the confidence of freedom. Only Rajnikanth’s film and he is the supreme leader. However, it does not happen here. Technology and the other two important things like Akshay Kumar will reduce the footage here. In essence, ‘2.0’ is a whole game of technology. He succeeds in timing the four components. Those watching movies in ‘South Style’ should be ‘enjoyed’ by those interested in science fiction, others should not think too much about it. The ‘Robo’ battery is definitely not there; But it is not ‘flower’ that has ‘overcharged’, no doubt.

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