Mulshi Pattern Scenery view

Mulshi Pattern Scenery view
There is an important difference between man and animals. The man embraced morality around himself. Unwritten about what to do, not what to do, how to behave; But the bold rules are decided. It does not have animals. The law of forest is run by ‘Jivo Jeejishi Jeevanmam’. The one who is weak, the grass of the sub-soil, and then he has become a strong grass. None of us should behave like that, man-made laws for everyone to get enough of living. Frameworks When breaking a law, when someone starts behaving with the law of the forest, the forest pattern starts in the human world. The movie ‘Mulshi Pattern’ keeps track of this endless and bloody move.

Though this story is of Mulshi taluka, it will apply to any area located on ‘Advanced’ cities. This story is a farmer family selling their land. The farmer and villager of Sakharam (Mohan Joshi), who owns the village, has accepted the job of the watchman for the same builder after the sale of the land has been sold. His son Rahul (Om Bhootkar) is seeing this and constantly discourages the father. The family comes from Pune city after everything is over. The father starts working as a Homelite in the market yard. A speedy son goes to jail and there he nuns brother (Praveen Trade). He joins his flock. This boy gets his name due to the behavior of his child, and this boyhood alone takes one day for his brother. Now it becomes sovereign. A police department can not do much because the rules are tied. Inspector Kadu (Upendra Limaye) will remove a camouflage on it. Rahul Brother raises a ladder with a head and raises the enemy as well. The children refuse to live on the money received from the child’s crime. The end date is the expected turn.

Though the story is simple and straightforward, the writer-director Pravin Tarde has done a good job in the making, dialogue, and screenplay. If a person gets murdered in his head, then he will have a thorn in the view of the hotel showing how much it is worth to have a person who does not have money to buy. The film will end up in a way which represents the unmanned cycle. Om Shankar has played the role of actor. The brother, who is struggling with anger, is guilty of blaming his father for his disobedience and laughs at his lips. Mohan Joshi raises his father’s best.

The burden of selling the land never goes down on their shoulders and the tilted look was more talkative. Mahesh Manjrekar’s carrier also carries the burden on the situation. Many of their conversations go deeper into their conversations and make them more intense. Ganesh (horoscope teeth) is a fine friend of Banasura, who is a best friend. Ramesh Pardeshi and Devendra Gaikwad, who are the opponents of Banasura, who can not be compared to their well-wishers, have stood up well. Sunil Abhyankar plays a role in the lawyer’s role. Gidd caught on the film on acting, filming, dialogues, The song ‘Aarara’ has gathered, the turn of it is more pronounced. If the compilation and the position of the little linger would have been more strictly handled, the film would have been better.

While watching this movie, I often remember the laws of the jungle. In fact, it is a little bit wrong to say; No one hunts unless there is an appetite in the forest. In the concrete forests created by the man, the newspaper does not stop. Although the end of this sentence is indispensable as a whole brother, its brightness attracts many and the real danger is the same. Sometimes land sales were inevitable. It is necessary to arrange for the money received thereafter. The wisdom produced in it is wise, it is the result of the money flutter, and the poisonous potato that is obtained from it. ‘My father is half an acre of land, But proudly saying ‘O Uday brothers’ sentences are very important in that sense. When they understand, then this pattern will likely cause a person to come to level again.

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