The young man under the great mental stress

The young man under the great mental stress

The urgency of adolescents in the age group to follow social norms is on one side; At the same time, the children are constantly worrying about finding jobs and securing credibility in society by securing their future. In rural areas, this worry worsens even more. Children and girls are suffering due to this. As a result, young children are afraid of being addicted and increase the chances of depression.

The stresses that girls will marry soon after their father goes away. The girls in the house have to deposit money for money and they have to take them off. This question fosters the young children of farmers as a goofy, questioning how to remove crop and how to break off father’s debts. The woman tells the many experiences she can get from addiction to it, often found in the grief of depression from the house.

Seema Kulkarni of the ‘Women’s Farmer’s Rights Forum’ says that it is essential to know exactly what help is needed to get the help of government, not to mention the question, what help is needed in the context of mental health. These women have a misconception that taking children to psychiatrists means treating them as an impediment is an extra barrier. They also ask how to send the child to a paranoid hospital.

The ‘motivation’ condition is poor

The Maharashtra government has started ‘inspiration’ project to prevent suicides. The condition of this project has been complicated. The Maharashtra government approved the fund of Rs. 7.6 crore through the inspiration project. It was expected to expand the mental health services. It was expected that nine District Hospitals and five Sub-District Hospitals would be provided by Special Mental Health Service teams. However, it is said in the rural areas of the state that the motivation has not received these services through the project.

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