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Private companies will set up 100 charging stations

Athens discount on charging motorists

m. Ta Special representative, Thane

Mahindra & Mahantra and Kinetic Greens Mobility Pvt. Ltd These MoUs have been signed with the companies. These companies will be moving their vehicles in Thane with attractive schemes and with the help of the corporation, the charging stations will be set up in 100 locations. Thanekar, who purchases e-vehicle, will be charged 75, 50 and 25 percent concession in the first three years, for charges incurred for charging vehicles in these charging stations. These efforts will increase the number of two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheeler e-vehicles in Thane city and reduce the pollution levels in the city.

The Central Government has prepared ambitious plans for all vehicles in the country by the year 2030. Following this, Thane Municipal Corporation has formulated a policy. Municipal Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal said that Thane Municipal Corporation is the first municipal corporation to implement e-vehicles in the city, making available only for e-charging facility, and making loans available in the required financial assistance. A Memorandum of Understanding on Signed between Thane Municipal Corporation and Mahindra and Kinetic on Thursday as part of the same policy. The project will be implemented from January next

Under the e-traffic policy of the Central Government, the municipal corporation has set up e-charging stations in 100 locations in the city, and for the next 15 years, the Mahasabha has approved the Municipal Corporation of the maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance. According to an agreement on Thursday, Mahindra & Mahindra and Kinetic Greens will make the entire cost of setting up 100 e-charging stations in the city. The municipal corporation For the first year, 75% of the cost of e-charging, 50% for the second year and 25% for the third year will be given to Thane.

Easy loans for e-commerce

Co-ordination and e-charging facilities will be provided for making e-vehicles in the city and financial institutions financing loans. For this, The World Bank subsidiary, International Finance Corporation, has helped the corporation to provide international technology under the EU-supported eco-cities project.

To increase the number of

e-charging stations, to increase the efficiency of the e-charging station project, it will be planned to set up the e-charging station for the municipal corporation. Due to the absence of e-charging, the drivers will not be disqualified after the exit

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