Blood pressure in Mumbai

Blood pressure in Mumbai
Mumbai’s bloodstream during this period of Diwali has been rebuilt this year. Considering the total number of patients coming to the municipality and the availability of blood, it is clear that the collection of blood has not been sufficiently adequate. Blood donation camps were organized before Diwali this year to avoid blood transfusion. However, the complaints are still being felt by the needy patients.

Even before Diwali, the reports of blood and availability of blood is not enough in the six months of Jan-June report issued by the State Sanctus Sanitation Campaign by the Municipality Hospitals. KEM, take it. Tilak and Nair hospitals have collected 11,375 units, 7,254 units and 6,507 units of blood collection camps in these six months period. Considering the total requirement of the patient, 5,343 units of blood patients had to be taken out of KEM hospital. KEM hospital’s governor Dr Hemant Deshmukh said that availability of blood is sufficient. He said that the surgery was properly planned during the holidays.

‘Blood donation should be done’

In the month of May and Diwali holidays, there is a shortage of blood every year. According to medical experts from State Blood Transit Council, they need to be properly planned rather than camping at the same time. Blood donation camps are organized for political parties from birthdays or other reasons. At such a time blood transfusion increases in one month. This extra blood is given to other blood banks. The need to organize camps considering the availability of blood and the patient’s attention is highlighted on the occasion of blood pressure. Blood donation is being done by the trainee doctor for various reasons in municipal hospitals.

Annual planning matters

In any municipal or public hospitals, 200 to 250 blood bags have to be prepared considering emergency situations. Janani Suraksha Yojana, Rajiv Gandhi Scheme, Thalassemia, Anemia, In emergency situations, needy patients have access to blood. An active donor in a blood donation campaign, Arun Mohan, who is in need of an endeavour to try to bring the blood out of private blood bank, should not fall on the patients. Patil tells. When the camps are to be organized, annual planning is done, so Patil will not be burdened with any blood bank.

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