Mail, change in the time of the train is impractical

While the Central Railway’s attempt to restrict the mail to the crowd at the time of the crowd, the Central Railway’s efforts were unsuccessful, while the Western Railway was also told to change some mails during the crowd, and change the time of the Express. However, if so, the fear of running mail, express service can be difficult and can cause a lot of confusion. Some officials said that no such proposal is under consideration. According to the Mumbai local, mail and express services are important for timely execution.

It has made some changes in the Western Railway since adopting the new schedule from November 1. These changes include speeding up trains with accidents. However, some changes have been made in the wake of tremendous criticism from the passengers on the move. There has been a change in the affirmative time of the ‘crowded time’, which has been fixed from 6.30 to 9.30 in the morning and 6.30 pm to 8.30 in the evening. During this time, it has been said that at least in the crowded time running the express mail, at the departmental level of the Western Railway. However, some senior officials said that no proposal was made in this regard.

The Central Railway also tried to bring restrictions on mail, express time to maintain the timetable of the local trains. However, due to being ineffective, this plan was immediately suppressed. Mail trains are connected to various parts of the country like the local services on Western Railway. It includes many trains including the Shatabdi Express, which include the railways Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express. Some of those trains go in crowded times. However, due to changes in their timings, the timings of trains on the return journey can change, and the focus is also being highlighted. Earlier, the idea of sending mail, express services from Mumbai to the terminals outside Mumbai was also started. However, considering the difficulties that can be made to the passengers, they are said to be free of thought.

Passengers are annoying

Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express, which passes through the Mumbai Central Terminus, reaches New Delhi in the morning. In this way, the schedules of other trains have been prepared keeping in view the convenience of the passengers. It is also argued that the changes in these times can ultimately cause distress to the passengers. However, it is also expressed that the completion of pending projects rather than matching the time of the mail, the time of change, will end the problems.

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