Sunday … buy diwali!

There is not much time to prepare for the Diwali preparations in a fast-moving city like Mumbai. Then the preparations of Diwali before Diwali are started by preparing for Diwali. Whether it is lunch or dinner shopping, Diwali beforehand can be found on Saturday and Sunday. As the last weekend, the shopkeepers continued to shop in the vicinity late night and many customers got convenience. Even when there are large purchases, there is a small purchase balance. So we got a crowd from the electronics shops to the mall.

Ganeshotsav, Navratri, Diwali and other festivals have become very similar in the last few days. So many small purchases continue to prevail. Customers from different corners of the house, from various corners to electronic gazettes, offer different offers to customers. So the mall was blooming on Sunday. The customer class was out of Goa by overcoming the crowds, rickshaws and taxi problems. Buying, vomiting, cooking oil, care etc. often happens at the very last moment. On the road, mounds of marigold flowers were decorated along the top of the rangoli. In the Dadar market, the marigold was between 30 to 50 rupees per kg and the mogra was very expensive. The price of mogra was up to Rs 800 per kg. Customers were predicted to reach the price of a thousand rupees per kilo on Monday. There is a possibility of this price rise on the occasion of Laxmipujan.

Gold is also bought for the Diwali festival. Gold is traded on the start of the new year. The Padma has been present in the gold store to see exactly what to look for, how to design it. This customer comes to Padwa, so the work of showing ornaments, jewellery, and bamboo work in the gold store also start. The same was true in electronic goods shops. A big purchase is done with the acquisition of the Padva. Diwali sale, offers are offered for this. The tradition of bringing new things to the house at the time of Padwa is changing, and so on. The nature of the goods changes somewhat, but the enthusiasm for shopping is the same.

Due to the cancellation of the mega block, Mumbai residents did not have to face the difficulties of travelling on Sundays. But in the evening, traffic congestion had to be confronted. For a ten-minute journey, the car was stuck in traffic congestion for half an hour only. Mumbaikars, who have gone out of the traffic crisis on the roads of the station premises, markets, and Mumbai, are facing problems.

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