Private bus fare hike

In the wake of the Diwali and holiday season, due to the absence of ST after the train, the passengers have to avail the support of private bus and luxury services. However, the rates of these private bus services have been increased in the wake of Diwali. Private bus services from Mumbai to Goa, Aurangabad, Kolhapur etc. have been increased by more than ten per minute.

Festivals, the complaint of excess rates being charged by private operators in the holiday season is permanent. As it turns out, ST has made a 10% increase in Diwali this year as on last year. However, due to long-distance ST trains not getting a reserved ticket, the passengers have to move towards private bus services. Private bus services are allowed to lease more than twice the rates of ST tickets for a temporary period. However, the current fares have doubled in comparison to the tickets being levied during the non-seasonal period. In the next few days, passengers will have to face such a high hurdle.

Luxury bus


Mumbai to Goa-Rs600 -1000 (Non Ac)

Mumbai to Goa-800 -2000 to 2100 (AC)

Mumbai to Nagpur-1000 to 1200 -1800 to Rs 2220 (AC sleeper)

Mumbai to Pune-450 -450

Mumbai to Aurangabad -700 to 800 -1200 (AC sleeper)

Mumbai to Aurangabad-400 – Rs 600 (Asani)

Mumbai to Kolhapur -700 -1000

Mumbai to Ratnagiri-400 – Rs 600 (Non ac)

ST rentals (during Diwali period)

First of all- Now


Prior to semi-luxury, the rent was Rs 181. -200


Shivshahi-6 9 6 -765


Shivshahi Rs 475 -522


Shivshahi-563 -621


Rs 455 -500

Gold is also bought for the Diwali festival. Gold is traded on the start of the new year. The Padma has been present in the gold store to see exactly what to look for, how to design it. This customer comes to Padwa, so the work of showing ornaments, jewelry, and bamboo work in the gold store also starts. The same was true in electronic goods shops. A big purchase is done with the acquisition of the Padva. Diwali sale, offers are offered for this. The tradition of bringing new things to the house at the time of Padwa is changing, and so on. The nature of the goods changes somewhat, but the enthusiasm of shopping is the same.

Due to the cancellation of the mega block, Mumbai residents did not have to face the difficulties of travelling on Sundays. But in the evening, traffic congestion had to be confronted. For a ten-minute journey, the car was stuck in traffic congestion for half an hour only. Mumbaikars, who have gone out of the traffic crisis on the roads of the station premises, markets, and Mumbai, are facing problems.

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