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Women’s Policy

In order to get a new flat, a woman police employee has betrayed Rs 5 lakh worth of duping people by asking them to invest in a mutual fund. In this case, a case has been registered with the Army Police.

A 35-year-old lady police employee from Shivajinagar area has lodged a complaint with this. Accordingly, a case has been registered against Deepak Shankar Dhapate (RB Ketan Road). According to the police, the complainant wanted to buy a new house. The accused is an estate agent and a person has been identified with the accused by a person. The accused accepted the trust by granting them a loan from the bank for the purchase of a new home. For this, investing in mutual funds will be doubled by doubling it. He took three lakh cash for this. Also, two towels, two chains, half a piece of weighing and half of the talukas Ganapati and 50 thousand cash were worth four lakhs 76 thousand rupees. He also took some documents for this. However, the accused did not invest the money invested in mutual funds. Also, fraud was done without sanctioning any loan. After this kind of complainant noticed the police, they rushed to the police and lodged a complaint. In this case, Assistant Inspector S. R. The bones are investigating.

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