Missal Festival in Dadar

Missal Festival in Dadar

Sweet and savoury, savoury and tasted flavoured sweet potatoes can be consumed. During the period from 1st to 4th November, the Foundation has organized a Missal Festival at Bhavani Mata Maidan, Shindevwadi in Dadar. ‘Maharashtra Times Cultural Club’ is a media partner of the festival.

Due to the reception of the first Mishal festival in Lalbagh in April, the Mudal festival of Aradhay Foundation has now been held in Dadar. Although the Misl is a favourite of all, it is possible to eat certain types of milk from Mumbai, which can be mixed with different types of tastings from different places across the state. In this festival, Mumbai Kheyyans will get 90-100 flavours, a chance to eat different tastes. In this festival, a mixture of black peppercorns mixed with red flesh, a mixture of turmeric mixed with green silk, can be mixed with Galiaran Gavagan, White Tissue Mistle, Jain Misal, Mix of Fasting, Phenolic, Smoothie, Soothing and Shock Mix. From Nashik to Nashik to Pune, Kolhapur, Junnar, Kalyan, Thane, Chakan, Dehu Road, Karad, Sangli, Shirur and other cities can be tasted under one roof.

This sweet festive speciality is followed by a nice sweet and cool substitute after eating straw. There is a variety of coconut milk, coriander porcelain, sweet pudding, royal court, Mumbai’s Faluda, Kulfi, Matka ice cream, Kharwas, Solkadi, ice collector for children, mockettes and more. In the morning from 10 am to 10 pm, the festival is open for loafers. At the festival, there are stalls of household goods through around 20 groups, and women can buy saris, spices, cutlery, jewellery and many other utility items. Various sports programs have been organized for women category, child marriage. The presence of noted artists from Marathi, Hindi film industry will be significant.

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