Flipkart, Amazon will give 1 lakh 20 thousand jobs?

Flipkart, Amazon will give 1 lakh 20 thousand jobs?
The e-commerce sector will consist of mega recruitment in major companies like Amazon India and Flipkart. In order to meet the growing demands of consumers in Diwali, a total of 1.25 lakh fresh temporary jobs can be made available to both the companies. According to employer companies and senior officials, there is a possibility of a temporary increase in the number of temporary jobs available during the festive season this year.

According to some experts, seeing a significant increase in the purchase of online goods will create the need for more than two lakh additional employees this year.

Flipkart has invested heavily in the logistics and delivery services in addition to offering tremendous offers to attract buyers this year. The company has emphasized creating a large army of service-oriented employees. Knowing Flipkart’s step, Amazon has started focusing on customer convenience. Flipkart is said to have made major changes since Walmartan’s investment.

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