It’s Time to Say Goodbye to These Bizarre Food Trends

The year 2017 had some of the most evolved and craziest food trends by far. The Millennial food trends such as smoothie bowls, diabetes-baiting freakshake and unicorn drinks, cakes and cookies were becoming a little too bizarre. The alarming number of food trends was mostly because of the ever-growing popularity of food on social media. Our obsession with photographing food is a social phenomenon that seems to be growing and resulting in ‘Instagrammable’ hot food trends. Let’s take a look at the top 5 food trends that deserve to die.



This monstrous amalgamation of a drink and dessert was one thing that had everyone going gaga! The high-calorie mega milkshake is served with ice cream, pretzels, popcorn, chocolate sauce, brownies and what not. One reason it needs to be off the menu is that it has loads of calories and it is not even wholesome. Another reason is that it is unnecessarily messy. We are over this fad and we would definitely like to sip our good old milkshakes without any of the edible decoration sticking out of the mason jar containing the drink.

Liquid Nitrogen

                                                                                   Using liquid nitrogen

Another hit trend to create a range of dramatic-looking food in the culinary world was the use of liquid nitrogen. It is nothing but colorless and odorless nitrogen found at its lowest temperature that freezes rapidly. It is commonly used in making ice creams. But soon it became the trendiest element used in modern cooking because of the icy fumes that make your delicious food look click-worthy. Though it can be safely used in food, it is not safe to be ingested; the liquid nitrogen must be fully evaporated from the meal before serving it. We would definitely like to bid goodbye to this trend as well in the year 2018.

Unicorn food

                                                                                        Unicorn milkshake

The unicorn-inspired colorful, sparkly food is still a big hit! Right from doughnuts, milkshakes, cakes and cookies, everything comes in brightly hued unicorn and rainbow colors. It has been done to death and this trend needs to stop right now. It has become more about aesthetics over taste. So unicorn and rainbow food trend is a big no-no in 2018.

Smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowl

Breakfast smoothie bowls are something that took over Instagram instantly. A smoothie bowl is supposed to be a healthy, plant-based breakfast option that is wholesome and nutritious. But soon things got creative with additional ingredients such as frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, protein powders or healthy fats being added to the bowl. Smoothie bowls are meant to be incredibly nourishing and easy on digestion, but what is the point of dumping a whole lot of ingredients and making it an Insta-worthy dish, when you are actually harming your body by including a whole lot of sugary toppings!

Bizarre food combination


Experimenting with food is great, but it should not just be aesthetically-pleasing or simply be gimmicky. Bizarre food combinations like a burger and momos mash up and biryani pizza should be the last thing we see on a menu. Viral food is a vicious cycle, so instead of combining two completely different dishes from different cuisines, we would like to stick to just one. We admit that we are not really gung-ho about such unusual dishes anymore!

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