10 Most Popular Maharashtrian Dishes

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Maharashtrian cuisine is the cuisine of the Marathi people from the Indian state of Maharashtra. Every Maharashtrian you meet is a foodie and can talk (non-stop) about Maharashtrian food and they pride themselves of the distinctive attributes of the Maharashtrian cuisine that completely differs from what you get in other parts of the country. The variety of salads, chutneys and pickle they have is just amazing. When you order a Maharashtrian thali in a restaurant all you expect is a burst or rather an explosion of flavors that will get your taste buds tingling. Maharashtrian dishes are not just tempting but lip smacking & super super delicious. These dishes are full of flavors, aromas and spices. Some people (who are not from Maharashtra) find Maharashtrian food a little hot and spicy, but still can’t keep away.

The mid-western state of Maharashtra in India is home to popular cities like Mumbai (Bombay), Kolhapur, Nashik and Pune. This state has a beautifully merged touch of coastal and central plateau tastes, since it stretches from the rocky rain drenched western ghats to the north central parts of the Deccan plateau. Maharashtrian cuisine is majorly divided in two styles namely Konkan and Varadi. As we said earlier a major portion of Maharashtra lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is called the Konkan having its own Konkani cuisine, which is a combination of Malvani, Gaud Saraswat Brahmin and Goan cuisines. The cuisine for the interior Maharashtra or the Vidarbha area is called Varadi cuisine. The cuisine variations you get here will definitely get you in awe. Maharashtrian cuisine is a zesty and spicy one, which makes abundant use of aromatic and flavorful ingredients like peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut and chillies.

Maharashtrian cuisine is packed with the subtly flavored vegetarian delicacies and hot aromatic meat and fish curries, while the crunchy, crisp sweets are made mostly from rice and jaggery are also their favorite. The Konkan food has a lot of coconut in it and strong in masalas, red chillies and coriander. The Kolhapuri cuisine, on the other hand, emphasizes more on mutton and chicken along with a popular curry. The most famous of all the chicken recipes is the Kolhapuri Chicken. The food of the Vidarbha region is prepared strong in red chillie powder and garlic. Mumbai has its own pot-pourri of dishes like vada pav, misal and pav bhaji, which are immensely popular across India.

The Maharashtrian cuisine covers a range from mild to very spicy dishes. Wheat, rice, jowar, bajri, vegetables, lentils and fruit form staples of the Maharashtrian diet. Here you will find strong aromas of spices (like black Maharashtrian masala known as kala masala) as well as garlic and ginger in abundance. Maharashtrian cuisine covers a wide range from being extremely mild (like in the Konkan region) to very spicy dishes (like that in Kolhapur). The staple dishes of Maharashtrian cuisine are based on bread and rice, while lentils (pulses) play an important role as well.

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