Muga Ghashi/ Sprouted Mung bean in a tangy coconut curry- Konkani Style

In one of my earlier posts I have mentioned that the basic ingredients for most of the konkani curry’s remain the same, just that the kind of tempering and the vegetable used changes the flavor pretty drastically. Coconut lovers will love these curry’s. So this curry also like most Konkani dishes involves the process of making a paste out of coconut, oil roasted dried red chilli’s & tamarind. The tamarind adds the tanginess to this curry.

The tempering used here is mustard seeds with some curry leaves. Traditionally coconut oil is used for the tempering. But then since there is already a lot of coconut flavour to this curry you can use any other cooking oil for your tempering.

The traditional method of preparing this dish involves fresh grated coconut, oil roasted dried red chilli’s and some tamarind all ground together into a coarse/smooth paste. But when you are in a hurry you could use coconut milk as a substitute for the grated coconut and red chilli powder for the dried red chilli’s & some tamarind juice. But of course nothing to beat the curry made using fresh ground paste. For the advantage of all I will describe both the methods below.

Traditionally Brahmins are supposed to be pure vegetarians. They are not supposed to eat onions/garlic since they are considered to be natural aphrodisiacs. Well the brahmins who are still in the profession of being priests follow this, but the rest have now started eating onions and garlic. But during festivals onion & garlic is not used in the food which is cooked in any brahmin household. So this is one of the curry’s prepared during festivals/puja’s in a konkani household as it does not require onion or garlic in it.

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